Impossible to function without the big five tech giants?

The technophobic tendency to attribute this failure to lack of moral fibre should be resisted. It’s not easy to cut yourself off from a system that links you to friends, family and employer, all of whom expect you to be contactable and sometimes get upset when you’re not. There are powerful network effects in play here against which the individual addict is helpless. And while “just say no” may be a viable strategy in relation to some services (for example, Facebook), it is now a futile one in relation to the networked world generally. We’re long past the point of no return in our connected lives… More here.

I must admit I can’t image not using any of them.

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  1. It’s the indirect usage that most of us don’t realize or think about. For example, I don’t use Windows, but I use Office and I’m sure many of the sites I go to have Microsoft tendrils. Apple, Google, and Amazon obviously as I have a Mac, Google is my main search engine, and I do a lot of my shopping on Amazon. I do not use Facebook although I have an account. I sometimes wonder what gets affected just having that account.

    Remember all those future history stories where the corporations run the world?

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