We got through the war and we’ll get through this

A MAN born more than three decades after the Second World War is acting like he flew Spitfires against the Luftwaffe.

Martin Bishop, 41, from Lincoln, has declared that ‘we got through the war, and we will get through Brexit’ despite being minus-38 years-old when Hitler invaded Poland… More here.

Heard so many people use the war as an example of why we will be fine after Brexit. The difference is that we had no choice but to go to war, Brexit is a choice.

In answer to the first question — “What do we mean by ‘leaving the EU’?” — the book suggests options including “becoming a European Economic Area member like Norway.” That position is now anathema to Brexiteers, whose views have hardened on what leaving means as negotiations have continued… More here.

As Brexit gets closer the views of those who led the ‘criminal’ campaign get more hardline as do those who support them.

A controversial ferry contract awarded to a company with no ships as part of no-deal Brexit plans has been scrapped, the government has said. Ministers had faced criticism for the £13.8m deal with Seaborne Freight, which the BBC found had never run a ferry service. The Department for Transport said it decided to axe the deal after the company’s Irish backer pulled out… More here.

Incompetence or dodgy deal, or both?

As we get closer to Brexit day, the whole thing gets sillier. I have still not heard one fact based argument that shows how Brexit could be positive for the UK. I simply hear people saying things like ‘It will all be fine’ and ‘You have nothing to worry about’ without a shred of evidence to back up the belief.

It’s no different to climate change deniers. They don’t believe scientists and conclude that they are somehow being paid to come up with all of the evidence they have (yes, evidence). They are happy, however, to simply ‘know’ that it is not true because they have sat in a chair for a long time and listened to the likes of Trump and the Daily Mail.

Seriously, parts of our population have completely lost their minds. They have become ignorant to the truth and are instead choosing to believe what those in right-wing circles tell them without any evidence at all. They are quite happy, however, to dismiss ‘evidence’ if it does not fit their world view, their very narrow minded world view.

These are the people who follow others, those you work with who have no opinions and who just settle for an easy life. These are the people who only think about themselves and who could not give a damn about the next generation. They know the risks involved here, but are too insular and selfish to care. It’s driving me crazy and I suspect it has only just begun.

As a final thought, I’m not sure who has handled Brexit more deceptively, but I suspect that Jeremy Corbyn is the worst Brexiteer of all.

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