Are you being fooled by food labels?

When individuals think they have consumed more calories than they have, their bodies respond as if they have actually consumed more.

In a 2011 study, milkshake was packaged in two different bottles. One was labelled ‘Sensishake’, claiming to be a low-calorie drink with 0 percent fat, no added sugar and 140 calories. The other was labelled ‘Indulgence’, and advertised as a rich treat with 620 calories. Both drinks had 380 calories.

The study measured the participants’ level of ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’, whose levels drop in the body after a big meal, signalling to your brain that you’re full… More here.

The deliberate way some food producers label their products is downright scandalous. After almost two years of trying to control my calories I still struggle to get through the jargon on many foods, particularly breakfast cereals.

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