The iPhone SE is back, sort of

It’s not certain why Apple is only now bringing the iPhone SE back for clearance sales. It won’t mind selling more iPhones, though. The company recently warned that it will miss holiday season financial estimates after iPhone sales in China and other areas fell short of expectations, and this could help shore up numbers (albeit in a modest way) as 2019 gets started… More here.

Apple needs to bring the SE back with a full coverage screen. It’s as simple as that really. Yes, it may haemorrhage the larger iPhone sales, but I suspect there are many many people who would like a smaller iPhone. I am one of them.

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  1. I fail to understand why companies like Apple don’t address the entire market. That means various smartphone sizes and various smartphone prices. I don’t believe that making a less expensive phone with fewer features eats away at the higher priced items. People usually want the most features at a price they can afford. But some people really want a smaller phone. Or a less expensive phone. And if they find one elsewhere, Apple has lost a sale, and likely a customer forever.

    As an example, I was at the Apple Store a few days ago getting the battery on my 6S replaced. It’s been acting strange for about 6 months but only in early January did it actually tell me that it needed to be replaced. After the special price ended. Hmmmm.

    In any case, while there I looked at the XS and XR. The XR is a nice size but noticeably heavier. The XS is an okay size, but I have no compelling reason to buy one as my 6S is doing fine for what I need. And even if I wanted a new phone, I’d look at the X which is almost everything the XS is but a lot less pricey.

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