Take fitness away from the Apple Watch and it becomes annoying

I have managed to hurt my Achilles tendon which means I cannot run and so my fitness regime has taken a serious knock over the past two weeks. A bit of weight training does not feel like fitness to me and it is not easy to measure in a meaningful way.

So, I have had to keep my movement down and this means aiming for below 3,000 steps per day rather than the 15,000 I had been doing up until the injury. This has made my interactions with the Apple Watch much more reactive because there is no need to start workouts from the watch and I am not checking the stats during the day.

This means that the Apple Watch is currently for telling the time and receiving notifications, and boy is that irritating when there are a lot.

It’s only annoying because that is all it is doing. It feels like it is an inconvenience that I don’t need to deal with which is strange because it does that when I am mainly using it for fitness as well.

I suspect the problem is that when I am using the Apple Watch for tracking outdoor walks, runs, weights, sleep, notifications, the time, weather, calories etc etc it feels like the interruptions are a price worth paying and I tend to look at them in a more favourable way.

Take away the fitness and the entire product starts to unravel. It has only just dawned on me how much fitness and health are a part of the Apple Watch and when those are taken away there is not too much of a product left. It’s a real surprise.

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