Building your perfect Apple Watch face

On the series 4 Apple has added the ability to include a huge amount of glanceable data in one face (Infograph). With nine sections there is a lot on view at one time, but with some time spent looking for the ideal apps for you the potential is truly impressive. Here is how mine is set up-

Having moved from many years of Fitbit use I wanted to be able to see data instantly that is otherwise not available so I opted for some third party apps to fill the void.

Bottom left is StepsApp which does a very good job of displaying the number of steps I have done each day. There is a slight lag, approx 15 minutes, due to Apple’s restrictions, but overall it does exactly what I need it to.

Bottom right is Nutracheck which is the best calorie tracker available from my extensive testing. The way it allows super quick food entry is impressive and you can even add previously consumed foods from the Apple Watch itself. There is an annual charge, but if you are serious about your food intake this is a very good option.

Top right is Carrot Weather which is possibly the best designed Apple Watch app I have seen to date. There are many different settings for the complications and within the app itself, but most importantly it is deadly accurate.

The left sub-dial shows Streaks which has proved invaluable to me for keeping good habits going every single day. You can add accomplishments on your iPhone or Apple Watch and they sync instantly. The design is completely obvious and it really does ‘just work’.

Better Day takes the top sub-dial spot and I use it because of the way it displays the date within a simply month grid. The day and date are above the calendar view and a simple tap will bring the date into view using the entire screen.

Besides the above I have the Activity complication to instantly check where I am in my daily fitness goals, the battery level and the Workout complication. As a set it works very well for me, but I would like Apple to change the following-

  • Give us the option to colour-coordinate every complication for a cleaner look.
  • Make the Infograph face more glanceable when it comes to telling the time. This could potentially be fixed with the above change.

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