HMV finally going down?

Owners Hilco, which took the company out of its first administration in 2013, blamed a “tsunami” of retail challenges, including business rate levels and the move to digital.

It said the stores would continue to trade while negotiations were held with major suppliers and it looked for buyers… More here.

In a way it’s sad because this is a store that I have purchased from for many years, but the writing has been on the wall for far too long. From time to time I visit HMV, but it sells nothing I would buy any more.

I do not buy CDs because I use Apple Music. I do not buy DVDs because I use Prime Video, Netflix and iTunes. I do not buy headphones from HMV because they are available much cheaper elsewhere. And I do not buy T-shirts with superheroes printed on them because I am not eight years old.

The real surprise here is that the chain managed to stay alive this long. With what it sells currently it has absolutely no future at all.

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  1. Chapters-Indigo is a major bookseller in Canada. Not sure if they’re anywhere else. There’s been a lot of consolidation of the big chains in Canada. I’m always amazed that they’ve managed to stay in business this long, although they have been getting into all sorts of other stuff for the house as well as books. They also have a music section and a large kids area.

  2. Went into Guildford HMV morning before it was announced. Store was full of potential shoppers. But the same issues – dark(ish) store with a confusing layout, and queue of 10+ people with only 2 servers on the 5/6 tills.
    Sad, but not surprised. I remember last year being offered their “Loyalty Card” that you had to pay for…

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