Apple Watch apps don’t really matter

This new list of the most useful Apple Watch apps seems familiar somehow. And so does this one. And indeed so does any other list of the ‘best’ Apple Watch apps.

The fact is that there are very few Apple Watch apps that are genuinely useful and which work in a way that makes them not feel clunky. Just look at the apps listings in the Watch app, it never changes. The iOS App Store changes daily, but on the watch side it stays the same.

Strangely, it doesn’t matter because the fact is that watch apps are not needed and for most people there are already enough built in to the Apple Watch, and this gives a lie to the notion that smartwatches will one day replace phones.

I can now understand what the Apple Watch offers and have been impressed by its ability to cover fitness, keep me notified and to obviously tell the time. I have, however, found a small group of third-party apps that work well for me including Streaks, SleepWatch and Better Day. I don’t need any more and probably won’t in the future unless a developer comes out with something special.

So. the lack of apps is on the surface a huge disadvantage for the Apple Watch, but is to those who own one completely inconsequential. 

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  1. For me, the apps I use are a convenience. I use 2Do for a shopping list at the grocery store. Much more convenient and safer than hauling out my iPhone, or, horrors, using a paper list. I do find 1Password handy at times. And, although I don’t have a 3rd party weather app, it is very nice to be able to check the outdoor temperature in the fall and early winter when I’ve already got my outdoor shoes on and have forgotten to check the outdoor temperature on the thermostat. That’s for whether I wear my light winter coat or my heavy winter coat. As I’ve said before, I got my Apple Watch as a gift, and while I like it, At that price, I never would have bought one on my own.

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