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  1. Excellent. Definitely makes you think. Of course it led me to thinking about happiness in various ways.

    Many wise people suggest that it’s the journey that’s important. So is the pursuit, in the pursuit of happiness, the important thing rather than the goal of happiness itself?

    Many wise people suggest that happiness is a state of mind. So if you’re truly happy with the rat race, who are we to criticize. Of course once you’re fully embedded in the rat race, it’s hard to see anything else, better or worse.

    I once read an article titled something like “Are You Happy?” which went on to say that being happy is not one all encompassing thing even though we often think of it that way. Rather than simply say “I’m happy”, I look at the various parts of my life, past, present, and expected future, and ask what parts I’m happy (or content which is not quite the same thing) with and what might be better. That includes family, relationships, career, how fulfilled I feel, etc. I don’t usually dwell on what could have been better, which I used to do a lot when I was younger. Rather I look at what I did and why I did it at the time. It might not make me happy, but usually, I call it a wash. If on balance there are more happys than not, I figure I’m one of the lucky ones. And interestingly, the older I get, the luckier I feel.

  2. I’ve been thinking a bit about “happiness” as of late, it was the topic at my reading group – like can we take it for granted that it should be a primary goal, or not, and how do we discern it from hedonistic pleasure etc. Quickly gets you into “what’s it all about anyway” territory.

    The video was enjoyable but a little sophomoric. I guess I don’t dig saying “look this is bad” when it has so little recommendation for “this is how it could be better”.

    With a little mental discipline, most people can scratch out a great amount of happiness from their circumstance, rat-race or no. The money that baits the trap at the end – it can certainly be good to ward off a lot of physical discomfort and displeasure! I mean it’s a tough sacrifice, such a big percentage of our finite time here in exchange for taking care of bodily needs, but as far as trade-offs go there are much worse ones.

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