A few seconds with the new iPad Pros

Photo 12-11-2018, 15 50 32

I got a few seconds with the new iPad Pros today, two minutes to be precise, and I was vaguely impressed by what I saw. The displays are very impressive and in particular the bigger model shines. It feels like you are using a real desktop computer when looking at web pages etc, but of course the reality of diving back in to iOS soon changes the perception that it can be used for every advanced task.

Most impressive is the speed which is remarkable when first experienced. Everything flies at breakneck speed and feels instant, to the point that it almost feels overpowered. It is a very powerful tool and one that for day to day use will serve you well.

Strangely, I wasn’t particularly impressed by the new design. In the marketing shots the flat sides look sublime, but in the real world they become invisible and I found myself preferring the older style curved iPads next to them.

Finally, the price is obviously a barrier for many and I couldn’t ratify how either model could be worth the cost. Then again I am happy to pay the same or more for an iPhone with almost exactly the same components and specs. Weird how we perceive value sometimes.

PS. The Smart Keyboard is quite good, but no way near the quality of a proper keyboard in my view.

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