A missed opportunity?

Based on the rumours I was ready to write an article entitled ‘Apple just released its most important product this decade’ tonight.

As it happens I cannot do that because the Apple Watch series 4 didn’t tick the boxes I expected and instead looked at impressive new features that are notable, but not what (in my opinion) a wrist-based device needs.

I wanted 3-4 days of battery performance.

I wanted an always on display, even a cut down face just showing the time.

I wanted a choice of layout in the fitness software which gave the user more opportunity to choose what is important to them. Seriously, three rings of which one involves simply standing up every hour? The hardware is there and Apple has the potential to destroy Fitbit and some others overnight if it so chose to do so.

It is hard to knock the new heart tracking features, but I am wary of the term ECG when it does not include sensors on the ankles and various parts of the torso etc. It is an ECG, but my wife (who is a medical professional) was immediately extremely skeptical of such a claim.

It could be that the Apple Watch is selling extremely well, I believe it is, and that there is no rush. It could be that Apple has more patience than me, I believe it does. Worryingly, it could be that the Apple Watch could switch me from real watches and if I can be switched, anyone can.

The Apple Watch could dominate fitness, it could kill the everyday watch market and it could actually feel like a watch. Maybe this will come as the company continues to improve the hardware, but there is the potential that the race to slimness and minimal form may get in the way, just as it has for some in the iPhone.

On the subject of the iPhone, nice interactions and impressive all round. Can’t see many iPhone X owners feeling the need to jump onboard though.

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4 replies

  1. Apple Watch – a little more screen. ECG not available at launch – and apparently on in the US when it does.
    iPhones – bigger screen, small processor improvement, 512gb (and huge price) option. iPhone SE discontinued.

    No interest from me this year. Which is the first year since I bought my iPhone 4…

  2. Nice incremental improvements, but nothing that says “gotta have it!” You have to wonder whether Apple holds back features because there’s no business need.

  3. I *could* be tempted by a new iPhone, simply for the dual SIM functionality. But that’s a heck of a cost for an upgrade…

    And I do like the new screen size on the Apple Watch.

  4. Careful with the dual sim – one of course is esim (except for China). Esim i think is only supported by EE today (hence the apple watch being them only), and this wasn’t available abroad (at least i was told the apple watch esim would not work). But that was “cloning” your number to two sims, it may be esim in the more general sense is okay.

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