Three things to know before taking the test:

Takes less than 12 minutes.
Answer honestly, even if you don’t like the answer.
Try not to leave any “neutral” answers.

I had to do this test for work and it is uncanny. Almost every person came out as you would expect, including my wife and son. I was of course a commander…

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  1. I’ve taken these tests many times over the years. I used to be very strongly INTJ but over the past 5 to 10 years I’ve been sliding into the ISFJ range or Defender. Still very strongly I and J though. Maybe age and being retired does change one’s outlook in some things.

  2. ENTP, “The Debater”.

    I appreciate how each of the summaries put the best possible spin on it.
    Honestly “The Debater” is potentially one of the most obnoxious 😀

    (and whoops, that’s the opposite of the “Defender” Bob is sliding into 😀 )

  3. Always interesting to have different viewpoints…

    no matter how misguided they are 🙂

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