Why would Apple make a round Apple Watch?

There are rumours, lots of them, that suggest Apple is in the process of making a round Apple Watch, but I just can’t buy the idea.

It used to be that I believed all watches should be round because that is the obvious shape to tell the time on, but I now realise that smart watches do not work that way and that square is likely the only way to go.

Think about it. Would you use a round monitor with the PC? A round sat nav? A round TV? No, the only reason to build such a thing would be for outward aesthetics in priority over the user experience. Look at Android Wear- it isn’t great anyway, but throw in the round screen and it doesn’t feel as if it fits the product it is housed within. Usage is limited in a variety of ways, both visually and physically, and it doesn’t take a scientist to realise that watches designed to offer fitness stats, multiple faces and (maybe) apps need a square screen.

If Apple was to build an Apple Watch with a round screen I would view that as a leap too far in trying to make it a fashion product. The gold and ceramic versions have proved that this kind of thinking just doesn’t sell in a smart watch world.

It is what it is and should not pretend to be a traditional watch.

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