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It is ironic that toy todo apps are a favorite way for programmers to learn a new toolkit, but I can’t find the perfect real app, and may end up building it myself. I’ve been daydreaming on the ideal app ever all the way back in 2005 (then I would have wanted it for the PalmPilot) and then 3 years ago I was taking a deep look at Apple Reminders as a possible substitute for AppiGo Todo, which I’ve been using pretty much since iPhones had apps. (I remember a big wall poster in the apple store showing the built-in notes app being used for a todo list, back before there was an app store or the default Reminders app – an odd reminder that the 2007 iPhone was a serious step down from the 1996 Palm in terms of being a PDA until Apple got its Appstore going.) More at Kirk’s UI Blog.

Excellent stuff as always from Kirk. My recommendation is 2Do on iOS and macOS. Does everything I need with just the right balance between efficiency and understandable visuals.

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  1. I guess I need to update the original article – 2DO is close enough to being a superset of my ideal. Thanks to the crew for the recommendation!

  2. I too recommend 2Do 🙂
    If you need much more than the Reminders app, I expect 2Do would handle it. Well, maybe not very complex multi-person long-term projects, but then you need a specialty app. But for anything in between…

  3. I ended up with ToodleDo. I know it’s a web based package, but it’s IOS app is quite good. Unfortunately, I run three to do lists: one for work, one for my volunteer work and one for personal. To best display these, I need three apps on my iPhone. I have found a second app that will list ToodleDo to do’s,ToddleDue, and am looking for a third.

    Interestingly enough, 2Do syncs with ToodleDo, but I have a hard time swallowing the $14 CAD to buy it, cheapskate that I am.

    • If you like 2Do, keep an eye out for sales. It’s often half price. I use AppShopper to track apps I’m interested in. It notifies me if an app drops in price.

      As for $14 CAD, I’m in the same boat. I think part of it is psychological. We see prices in US dollars and automatically think of it in Canadian. Then when something’s $10 US but $14 CAD, we push back thinking why is our price always higher. I suppose it comes from having the prices be the same for most of the time that when they change, it’s jarring.

    • As for needing 3 to do apps, I commiserate. I used to use 2 calendar apps. I think that shows where iOS is not a full-blown operating system. In macOS, if I need two instances of an app, I can do that with the command line or put it into a script. Most apps will allow two instances, just be careful of both updating the same files.

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