Final Versa final thoughts and the future of smart watches and I need three wrists, and…

I didn’t expect the arrival of the Fitbit Versa to cause so many conflicting thoughts in my mind, but I am a fickle character so am left pondering much more than just a simple fitness tracker.

The Versa is a surprise to me and has proved to be a capable fitness tracker, a practical and stylish watch and one that is the first that has made me consider wearing a traditional watch. For me, it ticks almost every box in terms of fitness tracking and offering just enough flexibility to make it an interesting device that is worthy of playing just for the sake of it now and again.

There are problems in that the battery life is not great when using third party clock faces, but I am getting close to four days per charge when using a Fitbit clock face. Some of the setup is archaic including moving music to the device which I have not been able to do successfully yet, even with the help of Fitbit support. They need to work on certain areas which are way behind Apple’s implementation of such things, but there is no doubt in my mind that the Versa is a better smart watch than Apple’s offering, to me at least.

If I were not a watch guy I would be wearing this every day in preference to a simple timekeeper, but I have my father’s vintage Bulova which is a hard object to simply leave lying on a shelf. The rattle of the bracelet is the same one I heard as a child as is the hum of the movement. It is by far the most important material possession I own and yet logically the Versa fits my life as it is in 2018 better than the Bulova ever could. If it was 1970, when the Bulova was made, it would be a different story, but I am kind of enjoying having a free wrist and just one device that serves as tracker and watch.

It makes me understand that the world is changing in how watches are viewed and I would go as far as to say that watches can feel dated at times, which in many ways is what mechanical timepieces are supposed to feel like. It makes me understand that the future may, or likely will be, smart watches and not just watches and this is a difficult realisation.

I still want to wear my father’s Bulova, but I won’t wear two ‘watches’ because that just looks silly. I can get away with a Fitbit Charge 2 on my right wrist and the Bulova on my left wrist, and lets face it the Charge 2 does almost everything the Versa does but in a different way. The problem is that I am still wearing the Versa alone on my left wrist and the Bulova is still lying on the shelf. That’s how good the Versa is.

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