The ONLY Clock

The material world becomes more complex on the inside and streamlined on the outside. Objects lose their massive material body and turn into contours, imaginatively reminiscent of their purpose. Modern technologies allow placing electronics inside the product housing in such a way as needed to turn it into a logically and conceptually sound frame-like symbol. I’ve been using frame technologies in concept designs and my own products for more than 10 years. In 2000 I first published the “Q-time” wristwatch concept, which later was used as a prop in the A. Zeldovich movie “Mischen” (“The Target”). 2009 saw the introduction of the “Sputnik watch” concept. And the White and White Clock started off in 2009 as an ambitious-concept Black and White Clock using individual OLED components, and a production-ready model in a white case was released to the public in 2011. The White & White Clock has drawn a lot of attention from fellow designers and the general public. The Only Clock is the next step in the evolution of time devices and is based on my research in the field of «framework technologies… More here.

Gorgeous design.

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