Synthetic diamonds are chemically identical to the real thing

The spread of synthetic diamonds in China, originally designed for industrial purposes such as oil drilling, is posing such a threat to the global diamond market that it has forced dominant player De Beers to invest tens of millions of dollars on methods to identify the man-made stones that look exactly like the real thing… More at SCMP.

Fascinating and sort of understandable. The question is, would you buy a synthetic diamond for much less than a real one if it is, in most measurable ways, identical?

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  1. Yeah, I’d even disagree with the headline and some of the copy saying the manufactured diamonds are “fake”. Diamonds are just carbon in a specific pattern, as pure as possible, right? (In fact I’d be surprised if the difference those detectors are finding isn’t basically “well this diamond is TOO GOOD and free of extraneous crap to be ‘real'”) While manufacturing processes aren’t always free of human suffering, I suspect this might be a more humane way of getting pretty shiny stones than digging ’em up out of the ground.

    I could see them putting some cachet in “earthmade” diamonds, but if this stuff uses awesome science to cut the legs out of a market that – if my understanding is correct – is an artificially manipulated scarce monopoly anyway, with a history of rough playing cruelty? That would be great. In fact – check out – what’s really artificial and manufactured is the cultural demand for them in the first place!

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