Luciano Bluetooth Speaker

Luciano is a Bluetooth speaker designed by Paolo Cappello for NEWBLACK®. Ceramics and electronics, two contrasting elements, come together in a work of art that is the expression of purity of sound, subtlety of form, and the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. The product will be supplied with the plug adapter for USA.

Luciano’s casing is constructed in Nove, an Italian town that has been famous for its ceramics since the 1700s and remains, to this day, a world leader in the production of high-quality ceramic artistry. The speaker has been crafted with components typically found in hi-fi stereo systems, and its audio output has been optimized in the lab through a detailed process of equalization to ensure superior sound quality… More here.

Would have like to see Apple be a bit more adventurous with the HomePod in terms of the design. There are, however, many justified reasons to go for a design that most will accept.

Categories: Music

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  1. 😀 the brass one on the page looks nice and hornish. These ones look, err, horny.

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