Seiko’s continuing quality control problem

Revenue: ¥296.7 billion (FY2015, consolidated)

Employees: 13,437 (March 31, 2016, consolidated)

Seiko is a huge corporation which makes millions of watches in every section of the industry. From simple quartz watches to the Grand Seiko, the brand is well-loved and respected by the majority. Serious watch collectors who own watches works £10,000 and up love Seiko and the name is seen as one of quality to the man on the street.

All of this goes against the continuing problem, however, of the chapter ring in a range of Seiko watches. I would say that I have seen the mis-alignment of the chapter ring in more than 50% of the SRP watches I have viewed and still the problem continues to this day, as it continued for years previous.

Seriously, why is this happening from a watch company that makes some of the very best timepieces in every sector of the market? It makes no sense at all.

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