The HomePod arrived today, required for a freelance piece, and I have had 30 minutes to play with it so far.

Very quick first impressions are that it-

is bigger than I expected, but not too big

is very heavy and thus stable on a flat surface

is aesthetically pleasing in a highly understated way

is easy to set up (took 30 seconds)

offers ‘incredible’ sound for the size and single speaker form and incredible sound overall. There is a sense of depth that I haven’t heard since we all used to own 2 huge speakers attached by wires to a stereo system

is somewhat smart, but I suspect no way near some of the competition

is a hard sell at £319. If I did not need it for a freelance piece, I would likely be returning it tomorrow. I am, at this time, convinced that the lacklustre smarts drag it down to being just an excellent speaker and because of that it is very expensive

More thoughts in a few days when it may have grown on me… or not.

Categories: Apple, Music

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  1. Some argue it’s well-priced for being such an extraordinary speaker!

    But…yeah, the lock-in. I’m not much of an audiophile, and never got into streaming, so a high-end bluetooth speaker for my iPhone seems a bit pointless.

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