Did the big Fitbit Ionic update fix anything?

I got some time recently to test the big Fitbit Ionic update and must say that the 100 watch faces are useful because they give you as many options as you could possibly need. The fact that they cover a wide range of tastes means that for most people only a few will suit, but you do get enough to change the look and functionality of the Ionic every day if you so choose.

File 31-12-2017, 21 27 33

The new apps are OK I guess and offer some basic functionality, but they do suffer from the inherent problem that the majority of watch apps do very little that works better than on the phone that you likely have with you as well. The problem on the Ionic, however, goes much deeper than that.

This is a fundamentally flawed smart watch which comes with significant faults.

Changing the watch face will cause your phone to pop repeating messages stating that connection has been lost between the phone and the watch. It did this for me anyway and the only other person I know with an Ionic has the same problem. Eventually the face will change, but it literally takes minutes. Minutes!

Opening apps also results in serious delays which feel like forever when trying to do simple things. It’s apparent throughout the product experience and makes me not want to bother using any apps at all.

The Ionic is a decent fitness tracker, no better than the Charge 2, but it is an ugly smart watch that is too big for most women and it is, as I said earlier, flawed in the most important areas. Fitbit’s update added fluff to the experience and completely ignored the flaws. This does not bode well for what is to come next.

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