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  1. I used a similar technique for https://soyouregoingtodie.com/ — (and honestly my source material wasn’t much longer)

    The core point of “complexity” is pretty good. A parallel thing is expertise — like, man, I could barely build a good lean-to. Even the humblest of normal houses is an architectural marvel.

    Even a pencil is a kind of miracle – check out http://www.econlib.org/library/Essays/rdPncl1.html

    And the horrible thing is, Americans are famously more and more skeptical about experts! Colbert had it right when he labeled it “truthiness”, that gut feelings are a reliable way of knowing things, and intuition more dependable than experts– especially when on complex (ding!) matters like climate change, you can always hire some competing shill expert- and when sometimes official recommendations for health and eating vary a bit. “My ignorance is as good as your knowledge” and so we get shit like Trump grand-daddy “of trust me I’m rich don’t I know what I’m doing?” Or maybe less grand-daddy as “your elderly racist uncle”

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