20 great storytelling podcasts

If ever there was a time to immerse yourself in a different world, a commute on a dark grey winter’s morning is it. Storytelling podcasts can take you straight into fantasy, can grip you, make you laugh, help you relax before bed or even make you miss your stop on the bus. However they do it, a story can take you somewhere. We’ve picked our 20 favourite storytelling podcasts for you to download this winter…

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…The multi-award winning Tracks podcast begins as Dr Helen Ash (Romola Garai) witnesses a horrific plane crash. The dark conspiracy thriller series which launched in 2016 has now been followed by a second series – Tracks Strata is a prequel which traces the story back to Snowdonia in 1980. Written by Matthew Broughton, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a stormy evening. Prepare to be absorbed – at times, you may find yourself on the edge of your seat…

Some excellent choices here. Tracks in particular is compelling.

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