The UK’s obsession with the ‘special relationship’


With the Prime Minister abroad – sandwiching a trip to Saudi Arabia between Iraq and Jordan – it was Education Secretary Justine Greening (on the media) and Home Secretary Amber Rudd (in the Commons) who were given the unenviable job of telling the country that we should all pretty much lie back and think of the “special relationship” – a relationship so special that no US president, however flaky, and no quarrel, however public, would ever, ever, ever succeed in blowing it off course… More at The Independent.

The ‘special relationship’ is important to many and perhaps more important than ever because with Brexit coming we are likely to be economically screwed otherwise. However, when the President is such an important part of America, we should probably be cooling it a little while Donny 3 Chins is in charge.

Britain has no status anymore, despite what 52% of our population seem to believe, and so we cling on the coattails of any country that makes things and which can help us in the future. Something tells me that Trump has no intention to help anyone but himself and his rich ‘white’ friends. Seriously, how is he still president? And how is she still Prime Minister?

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