Why You Should Stop Saying Sorry


To assess the impact of apologies after social rejections, researchers approached thousands of people and asked them questions and had them participate in experiments. When asked to write “a good way of saying no,” 39 percent of participants included an apology in their notes with the belief that they’d lighten the situation. However, when they were put on the receiving end of these apologetic notes, they reported feeling more hurt… More at Entrepreneur.

Good news for those of us who rarely use the word.

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  1. I wonder if they used Canadians in their study. We have trouble not saying “sorry”.

  2. I thought I remembered seeing somewhere that you should apologize even for stuff that is blatantly out of your control, like the weather… like it was some kind of lifehack. Sorry to say I couldn’t dig up the link.

  3. Sorry Bob, As a fellow Canadian, I was late to the conversation. Sorry.

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