The Samsung Gear Sport looks better than any Apple Watch


Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 20.03.59.png

Get motivated to move more, eat better, and live a healthy life. The Gear Sport tracks your fitness and diet, keeping you on the right path to reach your goals. It’s as stylish as it is functional.

Change the look of your Gear Sport with a wide range of different straps and watch faces.* Whether it’s the sporty Hybrid Sport, the timeless Classic Leather, or the casual cool Premium Nato, there’s a style to go with your look… More at Samsung.

That is a ‘much’ better looking watch than anything Apple has produced to date.

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  1. If you are six, based on the photo above.

  2. I’m not a watch guy but I prefer any circle to any rounded rectangle.
    Hell I was tempted by the Pebble w/ the round (though some of that was because I still have a pipe dream of making my own watch face)

  3. I would buy one right now except:
    -It does not work with iPhone (Apple’s walled garden blocks integration) and I prefer iPhone to any Android-based phone (but love my Nexus 7 tablet);
    -Tizen is malnourished.

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