Palm is making a comeback next year


It isn’t clear exactly what sort of gadgets we can look forward to, but TCL’s marketing manager Stefan Streit said that the portfolio will be designed to appeal to fans of the brand and their much-loved palmtop organizers. I’m hoping that means more than just crummy new smartphones with a Palm logo casually slapped on the back, a la the recent line of uninspired Nokia Android handsets… More at TNW.

Thanks to Bob for the link who says “Interesting, but I can’t see replacing my iPhone. But now I know why I like LG TVs. According to the article, they use PalmOS.”

Personally a name means little to me, just like if Rover or Saab cars came back. For the vast majority of people Palm is a name from the past that they have likely forgotten about and then there are people like me who never really completely liked the OS. It was the best available at the time for me, but always felt short of what it could really be.

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