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Designed to give you more guidance than ever, Ionic serves up personalised workouts that play on screen and guide you through every move.

Exercise routines adapt based on your feedback so you’re always getting the right workout for your fitness level.

Get recommended workouts based on your recent activity – like yoga after a big run or a more intense session after a restful night… More at fitbit.

This is a product you would potentially wear all of the time, and it looks like that.

You can make payments, use popular apps (which presumably means not many) and it appears to do stuff that the Apple Watch and other fitbit products already do. Can’t see why this is worth £299 personally, but those who are very serious about exercise may like it. The question is- will there be enough of these people to make the profits fitbit needs?

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  1. Fitbit watches are usually cheap, have dubious build quality but do the job and last days between charging.

    This is expensive and we’ll have to wait how it does for build quality and battery life.

    If I spend £100 on a watch and it lasts a couple of years I’ll get over it. If I spend £300 on a watch I expect it to last a lot longer. Most fitbit wearers I know get a couple of years out of their watch before something goes. Some have got through several in the warranty period alone.

    For me, this is close enough to the cost of an Apple watch that I might as well get the Apple watch instead.

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