The Bokah was designed to do the latter. Think of it as 3D tools to let a child’s imagination run wild. Designed to be like Jenga meets Lego meets Meccano, the Bokah is as free spirited as the child itself, allowing kids to make whatever their hearts desire, while even allowing their creations to be robust yet flexible! Think of it as the evolution of traditional building blocks. While you can build pretty much anything with traditional blocks, they have their set of constraints… the Bokah eliminates those constraints, allowing you to make anything (rigid or flexible), no matter how abstract! More at YD.

That is so clever. May pick up some for my daughter.

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  1. It looks cool, but you know, I haven’t seen any set that’s as good as Lego in terms of making creations look like real world counterpoints. It’s like the only CAD us 80s kids had access to! (Maybe that’s why I liked the space lego – I know modern day buildings and old time pirate ships and castle didn’t have little studs all over them – but in the future stuff MIGHT and so in that way it was more “realistic”)

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