The World’s Most Advanced Smart Backpack


Built in charger allows you to charge and use your phone when on the go.
And if you lose your phone, the backpack will help you locate it.
If you lose your backpack, the built in tracker will help you find it.
Left strap has a convenient quick access pocket that’s perfect for holding your cards or cash.
The backpack is cut proof, water proof, anti shock, and anti sweat all thanks to our 7-layer construction.
Main compartment is efficient at keeping your stuff safe in an organized way.
Laptop and tablet pockets are perfect for short trips to a coffee shop or long trips around the world.
Electronic hackers can’t hack thanks to RFID pockets.
The utility pocket is perfect for storing your wallet, passport, or power bank.
Staying hydrated is easy with a water bottle pocket.
(3) Smaller pockets are perfect for your watch, keys, or headphones.

That ticks a lot of boxes. More at kickstarter.

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  1. > That ticks a lot of boxes.

    As well as essentially looking like a black box with some straps.

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