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For a long time now I have been installing and trying out various news apps which has obviously meant that I tend to jump between them to read the latest on specific topics and what is happening in the world.

This has all changed with Apple News and I did not see it coming. Every day it is my first stop to check what’s going on and over time it has become more and more useful to the point that it seems to know exactly what I want to read about. The latest events concerning my beloved AFC Bournemouth, some tech news, watches, the disaster that is Donald Trump and the rest of the world events that are useful to know.

In iOS 11 it has improved even further and is an example of something that seemed a bit bland when it was launched becoming a very important app for me. It’s the same for my wife who reads it every day and who says that she now reads much more news than ever before and that it is by far the most used app on her iPhone.

Not everything Apple makes works, but Apple News most certainly does.

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  1. “Not everything Apple makes works.” And neither does Apple News in Canada. What is taking them so long?

  2. Hm! For a while I really liked the Yahoo! News summary, but it went away – in the mean while I’ve been keeping an eye on the Apple News widget only, not much to the app itself, maybe worth looking into understanding it better.

    Also, some people complained about the google News homepage, its redesign has more whitespace and less content per se, but I find its balance to be about right.

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