We decided to spend some time as a family away from our normal lives and to do things that we would not normally do, like talk to each other. 

This is not easy when your children are 13 and 17 because their ability to string whole sentences together is limited, but we managed it. Long walks, decent food and generally doing little worked well, but there was something missing that may have helped the holiday. 

Three had no signal where we were and neither did any other UK mobile network, but at least we had wi-fi, the kind of wi-if that worked for 3 minutes and that would then give up for 3 hours. In effect, we had no internet connection to the outside world. I guess this is Devon. 

It was painful for the first day and particularly for my children, but by day 2 we had adjusted to a place where the modern world had somehow failed to make an impact. Us townies tend to struggle in such rural places and I in particular need to be doing something all of the time. I can never relax unless I have no other option and in this way it all came together to make me think about how much I rush around and how bad that likely is for me.

Millions of words have been written about the internet and how it is bad for children and adults alike. There are horror stories everywhere and being away from it could make you believe that life is easier and much more relaxing without it.

That is completely true and cannot be argued with, but we are home now and our phones, tablets and laptops have a world to connect with again. And I must say that a world with the internet everywhere is a much better one than a place without it. Being unconnected just feels weird in 2017, it really does. 

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