Looks like AI is taking another step


Looks like AI is taking another step. It’s now starting to read emotions. And of course it’s far better at it than we are and can predict as well. Disney has come up with technology to gauge viewers reactions to movies.

I may be overly sensitive (funny considering the article) in thinking that AI could be dangerous, but this stood out for me:

“After observing an audience member’s reactions for just a few minutes, the system is able to predict his or her facial expressions for the rest of the film using a pattern-recognition technique that functions similarly to a recommendation engine; it can generalize the reactions of an entire audience, and measure those reactions against an input that states how viewers “should” be reacting.

So you know all of those times you started watching a movie, thinking you’d hate it, but actually ended up loving it? It could now be possible for Disney to predict your enthusiasm for the flick before you were even consciously aware of your change of heart.”

You could have a personal digital assistant that knew you better than you know yourself. As usual with technology, I can see good and bad in that.


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