Primed to surprise and delight your guests, SMALT is more than just a centerpiece – it’s an interactive conversation piece! Play your favorite music through the bluetooth speaker, set the mood with multi-colored lighting, and dispense salt in any amount you please. Our app lets you simply shake, pinch, or choose the measurement of salt you desire right from your phone, via Alexa or the device itself. Dance to the beat and shake your salt out to amuse your guests or rock out on your own… More at Indiegogo.

Don’t you dare say you have not thought about needing a smart salt shaker many times. No, don’t you dare say it!;)


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  1. Oh come on. Do I still have to actually pick it up and shake it?

    And while they’re at it, how about a smart fork that only picks up what will appropriately fit in your mouth. And of course a Knife to go along with it that cuts the appropriate sized piece.

    Remember the scenes in Wall-E where the people on the space ship could hardly do anything for themselves?

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