Slipstreaming on motorways

I think that there’s fantastic opportunities for innovation here that can be imagined if we assume that people no longer own their cars and they’re ordered on demand. If that’s the case, when you order the car, there’s the opportunity to say what the car is going to be used for. Is it a one person commute? Or is it the school run? Is it going to be 100 miles down the motorway? Returning from B&Q or Ikea? This will potentially determine the form of the vehicle – a motorway journey will benefit from an aerodynamic form whereas you just need a box with seats to get the kids to school.

Luggage space could be standardised too, both in terms of suitcases and boxes to store gear. You keep the gear in the box in your outbuildings (I was going to say garage!) and the load it into the car knowing what will fit the vehicle in advance.

I also wonder about the possibilities of slipstreaming on motorways – if the cars are controlled by AI, can they manoeuvre to close the gap between vehicle, with the cars communicating among themselves. Think road trains…

I’m looking forward to it.


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  1. Alternatively, a vehicle that could reconfigure itself as required.

  2. That too, would be awesome. Much of a car’s shape today is defined by aspects of safety. Imagine what we could do if we knew that that vehicle was never going to crash.

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