A company in Wisconsin just made the news for microchipping its employees. As per USA Today, 40 employees at the local firm Three Square Market, which makes cafeteria kiosks intended to replace traditional vending machines, “got tiny rice-sized microchips embedded in their hands… for convenience, a way for them to bypass using company badges and corporate log-ons to computers” so that “now they can just have their hands read by a reader”.

In the future, these employees will be able to receive payments from contactless cards on their hands. It’s handy. It’s efficient. Is it terrifying? More at The Independent


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  1. I read about this. According to the article I read, this is optional. And of course my editorial comment is “for now.” I guess the people who had them embedded don’t care about their privacy. And could they be read by someone outside the company as a way of tracking location?

  2. It’s optional and a trial… But I don’t like where this is going. I don’t even think I should feel obliged to have a work whatsapp group on my private phone… yet I do.

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