How can I trust TomTom?

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I’ve been getting warnings about TomTom going off support for a while now, and encouraging me to get my free 3 year subscription to TomTom GO. I’ve tested both on the same drive and I much prefer the old TomTom’s interface. Also, I don’t find the new version as easy to use. Oh well, I thought, I’ll take the plunge and see how things go. Who knows what I’ll need in 3 years.

Here’s where it gets more interesting. There’s a music store in Ottawa that I like to drop into every now and then. They used to be on Alta Vista but they moved to Hunt Club well over a year ago. I passed by the sign indicating they were moving, so I knew they weren’t at the old location. I drove by roughly where they said they’d be but couldn’t find them. So I looked them up and got the address. Sure enough, it was on Hunt Club. So I started up TomTom to see if it could help. Unfortunately, it still had them on Alta Vista. That’s over a year and it hadn’t been updated. I checked Google Maps and they had the correct location. And while I don’t like Google Maps’ interface for driving instructions, at least it told me that the store was tucked in behind some buildings on the street. The entrance driveway is almost hidden and the sign is very small. Unless you’re looking right at it, and not at the road, you’d miss it.

Okay, so TomTom hadn’t been updated. Not good. So today when I got my free subscription to TomTom GO, I figured I would check again. I would have expected the same result as the old version of TomTom, which still has the store on Alta Vista. I got this long list, because they’re a Canada-wide chain. You’d think it would know that I’m fairly close to Ottawa and list those first, but no. I missed it at first, scrolling down the list, but finally found it, on Alta Vista. I tried to use the city option but couldn’t get the store name plus Ottawa together. Not sure why. It looks like it should work, but it doesn’t, at least for me.

Once more, I entered the store and correct address into my contacts. I tried the search again, but apparently using contacts on the main search is restricted to people, not companies. Next I checked the My Places option. Here I get all of my contacts, businesses as well as people. But the list is alphabetical and there’s no way to go directly to a name or even a letter. The best they have is a little button at the side that scrolls the pages so you can get to where you want to go faster. So I found the entry in my contacts for the store but when I tapped it, I got “Address Not Found”! Probably not unexpected, but by now it was just a joke.

If I have to cross-check an address in Google every time I use TomTom, GO or otherwise, to get to a recently moved store, there’s not much point. Luckily I don’t need navigation very often, or I’d be looking for something better.


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  1. So I assume google gets a lot of mileage from “suggest an edit”? I wonder if that’s human reviewed or if they tend to just rely on multiple people making the same suggestion (which would be more susceptible to crowdsourced attacks)

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