Turn off your push notifications


Apple made push a system-wide feature in 2008, and Google did the same soon after. Suddenly, there was a way for anyone to jump into your phone when they wanted your attention. Push notifications proved to be a marketer’s dream: They’re functionally impossible to tell apart from a text or email without looking, so you have to look before you can dismiss. “Push messages serve an important role in an app’s user engagement,” digital marketing company Localytics wrote in 2015, “and there are no signs pointing to a decrease any time soon.” More at Wired.

I turned off most of my push notifications a few weeks ago. All I get now are certain emails and messages, nothing else at all. And I don’t feel like I am missing anything.

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  1. Email / messages, calls, and Twitter for me, and I’m thinking of just having DMs from Twitter (if possible).

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