The Girl Who Lost Her Glasses


She walked back through her apartment. The walls were featureless, painted in neutral colours. The bright wallpaper she’d been so delighted with wasn’t overlaid any more; the Wall of GIFs that made her laugh most mornings was gone. The floating heads of Facebook friends and Instagram frenemies were gone too, trapped behind the glass of her phone screen. They still moved and smiled and joked when she tapped on them. But tapping a phone wasn’t the same as waving to somebody in front of you or flipping the bird at an unsuspecting oversharer. It felt like trying to communicate with butterflies in a box… More at Wareable.

A quick read for the start of the week.

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  1. is a more visceral version.

    I wonder if people will object to the tremendous privacy concerns of “Kara realised that something else was missing. Information. She was used to turning to a stranger and seeing their Facebook or Insta, maybe a Tinder icon or a mood indicator or a Do Not Disturb. You’d be able to get the names of their kids or what they’re listening to”, or if we’ll just accept it the same way we got used to, say, Facebook able to identify folks in photos we upload…

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