The most emotional of objects

A few months back I asked my son why he did not wear his watch anymore and the answer surprised me. He said that it brought him bad luck and that things got better when he stopped wearing it. Crazy talk I hear you say, and even crazier because he is just 16 years old.

The thing is that there is something about watches that do create an irrational sense of attachment that you do not see in other objects. It could be because they tend to be worn for decades in some cases or it could be because they are often handed down through generations, but I have heard people speak of their watch as being invaluable because it has the same special memories they do. And I have always presumed it to be crazy talk.

The watch I wore for a few months recently was hard to give up because I wore it at my Father’s funeral and on some other days that were special to me. It’s hard to explain, but all of a sudden the crazy talk was not so crazy anymore.

And then I picked up a new review Seiko watch at the weekend and my craziness was complete. My wife and I were watching Bournemouth play Liverpool at football (soccer for some of you) and Liverpool quickly scored 2 goals. I was playing with the new Seiko and decided to try it on- Bournemouth scored. I then took it off to adjust the strap and Liverpool scored plus one of our players got injured.

Once the adjustments were complete, I put it back on and watched Bournemouth score 3 improbable goals and win the game. My wife remarked ‘Don’t ever take that watch off again!’

And stupidly it started to play on my mind that it is a ‘lucky’ watch. It’s silly and it’s not even mine to own, but I will see how the next week or so goes with it and I may even have to buy it. I will have to buy this one and not return it, and would not accept a replacement.

Now, I am not suggesting the watch is lucky because I don’t believe in such things, but I do attach memories and emotions to watches and likely always have done without thinking about it. For some reason, a watch is a highly emotional object that no other product has a hope of competing with in this regard, and certainly not a smart watch.

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