The best retro screensavers


Today, a screensaver may seem like a novelty, but it once served as a way to prevent “screen burn” in cathode ray tube monitors. While screensavers are no longer necessary for that purpose, the nostalgia element will forever tie the programs into the fabric of a quondam age. In the era of bottomless add-ons and a regular rabbit hole of Easter eggs — we’re looking at you, Google — it’s difficult to conceptualize the rustic days of home computing and the dusty wild wild web. Thankfully, the best screensavers from the ’90s make it a little easier to do so… More at Digital Trends.

Some major memories here.

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2 replies

  1. Ah, screensavers. Or as some wags now call them, “cpu exercisers”

    Not quite as retro, but still old: I love Apple’s “Flurry” screensaver.
    I’ve done a little bit of computer generated art, and I wish I knew how they did that… I assume it is reasonably power efficient even on old hardware, but it’s really gorgeous with a lot of subtle trapsarency things going on.

  2. Ah memories. I remember Flying Toasters on my work Mac in the 80s. Of course they were only black and white then. So I just downloaded it and RedPill, the Matrix version. Wish the toasters were a bit bigger on my 27″ screen, but they are cool.

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