I’m glad the old BlackBerry died


When I see people go about their work today I tend to see iPhones in their hands, but I don’t often see them feverishly typing email responses to communications that are coming in at a greater rate every day. It seems to me that the days of thumb typing on devices too small to be good for any human being are over and I have been wondering why.

It could be the case that the limitations of the iPhone have turned out to be a good thing in 2017 and that the perceived benefits of old BlackBerry phones were exactly the opposite.

If you are sending and receiving emails all day on an iPhone you will need to charge it at some point. Also, the virtual keyboard is not as effective as the old BlackBerry keys at knocking out quick messages so those two points alone tend to naturally restrict people from overdoing it in terms of email use.

This, from what I can see, has led people to send and receive less short emails which is far from a bad thing. Email in the workplace has always been a tool that people use to pass a problem on to someone else, pretend they have done something they should have by replying without proper meaning and copying in a bunch of people for no reason other than to clog up their inboxes as well.

Take a look at your work inbox and ask yourself how many of the emails actually require you to do something worthwhile. My guess is that it is the minority and possibly a very small minority.

When I look at my day job today I can see that the number of emails is similar to in the past when I had a work-issued BlackBerry, but there is a change to the content and how useful they are. The majority is still nonsense truth be told, but things have calmed down a little and there seems to be more voice communications now than when BlackBerry was king of the mobile hill.

It could be that we have all grown up and realised that the BlackBerry way of working caused stress, noise and much less efficiency and it could be that the BlackBerry died because of that. Maybe the iPhone just happened to be a more friendly device to use and inadvertently made us see how miserable our work lives were.

I don’t know why it happened, but I for one am very glad the old BlackBerry is dead.

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  1. But aren’t people msging a lot?

    • Yes, but I think messages are somehow less formal and more one to one than emails.

      • yeah, fair enough. Certainly the emphasis is more on fun and I guess I’d say social media on smartphones these days.

        One thing that Blackberry missed too – though this might just be an accident of time – is that one developer described it more as an email tool that could happen to also connect to the internet, not the other way around, and so it made programming apps for it kind of a weird pain.

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