The very first iPhone line


Jason and I arrived at the AT&T store at noon and became persons number two and three in line for iPhones. The number one slot was held by a fellow about my age who appeared to be asleep; he opened his eyes, nodded at us as we eased down onto the warm concrete, and then closed them again. Over the course of the next couple of hours, more people gradually showed; by 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the line of would-be iPhone owners had grown to about 60 people and stretched to the end of the shopping center. The last few folks are wrapped around the side of the building and are sitting in full sun, though they had lawn chairs and umbrellas… More at ars technica.

It took me until the iPhone 3GS to accept it as a ‘smart’ phone.

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  1. Heh, I was a day 2 or 3 adopter (accidentally, I swear – I accidentally drowned both my Palm and my phone on a July 4 fireworks kayak trip) – here are my first thoughts of it:

    Coming from the Palm, it stunk having to use Notes in lieu of a proper Todo app, the Map application with “cellphone triangulation” instead of GPS was crippled (between that and the slooow data speeds – I remember embarrassing myself trying to help a tourist look for a hotel around Copley Square that I didn’t recognize the name of, but then turned out to be right behind her, after 5-10 minutes of waiting for the damn map stuff to load…) but man… having that quality of a web browser on that size of a device was ASTOUNDING, even if it really needed wifi to be of use – (like my notes on a ‘frankenmac’ say, Laptops were still more of a luxury for many of us then, so any portable web was pretty sweet)

    Also, subsuming the functionality of my iPod (though needing a dongle for headphones, what a joke) was great. But it was a number of years before the camera got acceptable – trying to figure out which generation of iPhone that was.

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