Apple’s Ambitious Bet on its Ecosystem


To overcome these hurdles, once every few years, companies come up with an entirely new category of products. A decade ago, it was the smartphone, then tablet computers, convertibles, smart watches and so on. Now, it’s easily understandable that not every company can succeed in each trend. Hence, they either give up or create a half-baked product that is only going to waste their resources. For instance, smartwatches have either led to a demise of several startups or are having an existential crisis in the rest of the cases.

Apple doesn’t follow this roadmap for its development. It never completely shifts focus to any particular type of product, be it the iPhone or the Macs. On the contrary, the Cupertino giant places all of its eggs in the ecosystem and software that powers each of these devices. And that’s one of the reasons any new line of products it launches is an immediate hit irrespective of the industry’s state… More at TechPP.

You have to have used the ecosystem for the past few years to understand how much it has improved. It has improved to the point that it is becoming the single most important piece of the Apple puzzle for some.

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