iPhone apps are taking up a lot more space


The top iPhone apps have been taking up an increasing amount of space on the device. Sensor Tower reported Tuesday that the total space required by the top 10 most installed U.S. iPhone apps is now nearly 2 gigabytes, up twelvefold since May 2013 when the top 10 apps occupied just 164 megabytes of space combined… More at Axios.

Would love to know what exactly is in the code of apps like Facebook. Not expecting goodness in there.

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  1. Don’t know if there are any coders out there in LiM land, but I’ll bet part of it is the shift from 32-bit to 64-bit. Add in increased functionality, bigger graphics to handle retina displays, and Apple’s subroutines, and I’m not surprised at all. You know the saying work expands to fill the time? Well, stuff, or crap depending on your point of view, expands to fill the space.

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