The Best Simple App for Converting Images


It lives in your menu bar where, when clicked, it’ll open a drag and drop window. You can also access it straight from your keyboard by hitting ⌘+Shift+8. From there you can throw in multiple images of differing file types and select whether you’d like to convert them into JPG or PNG files, or merge the photos into a single PDF… More at lifehacker.

Looks like a decent choice. This is a task that I have battled with for a long time so the more options the better in my view.

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  1. Okay, maybe I’m dense this morning, but if all I want is to make a pdf out of a jpg, I use Print to PDF in Preview. If I have a pdf and I want an image, I Save As and select a different format. If I want a piece of a PDF page or an image, I select the area and use New from Clipboard. If I need something fancier, I usually need another app to manipulate the image. And my scanner can save directly to pdf.

    What am I missing?

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