Whole Foods says ‘nighty nighty’ to Apple Watch


Whole Foods just removed its Apple Watch app from the App Store, making it the latest company to do so after Google, eBay, Amazon and others did the same earlier this year. Speaking of Amazon, the removal of the Whole Foods Watch app follows Amazon’s announcement that it will acquire the grocery store chain for $13.7 billion this week… More at 9To5Mac.

Does it matter? To be honest I do not know, but I am starting to wonder if some products are likely to remain virtually app-less because consumers simply do not want to buy them, or because the products has specific uses that are so good there is no need to mess about with that and confuse things.

The new Apple TV is a good example. People are not buying it (actually not many are by all accounts) because it plays apps and games. They want to play Netflix, iTunes films and TV shows and relax.

The watch is different of course because it is a watch and there are very few apps that could work on such a device. So, telling the time and monitoring exercise with some notifications thrown in is more than enough.

Laptops, phones and maybe tablets are all the computers we need in our lives. Let the others be tools we use for only one or two purposes.

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