Should Apple Offer the Apple Watch to Android Users?


You always hear people say that Apple (AAPL) should make everything cross-platform. These people make that request because it’s good for them. They want the freedom to move back and forth between platforms without having to give up any of their accessories. And Apple would rake in the cash from all those Android users who would start buying Apple Watches and AirPods. Everyone’s happy, right?

Not necessarily. First, one major question needs to be answered. Are Apple’s products iPhone accessories or are they a stand-alone business? Because I’ve gone through this drill countless times, I can imagine what Apple is doing, or has done, behind the scenes… More at Perezonomics.

A good question, but I do not see it happening, ever. Apple will share apps that enhance its services, but does not like to break the chain when it comes to hardware. Also, I suspect that by doing so it would have to spread the development too much for little reward.

This is not meant to sound snarky, but something tells me that most Android users would view the Apple Watch as a very expensive novelty that does not justify the price. And the obvious answer for them anyway is an Android Wear watch.

So, perhaps it is not such a good question after all.

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