The annual pang of technology

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So there it was. The calendar reminder I was not expecting and the emotional pang that I did not want to feel.

‘Get Father’s Day card.’

Such a simple annual event which changed completely because this is the first year I do not need to buy a card.

This is something I experience every year because I still have my Grandmother’s Birthday reminder in my calendar which was initially saved on a Psion PDA many years back. She died 12 years ago, but I have never been able to delete the reminder because that would be too final. Her death of course, like my Father’s, were as final as can be, but in the world of tech these events pop up time and time again to serve as a reminder of what you miss so much today.

If I used a paper diary I would likely just not add new reminders for the year ahead for those departed, but not creating something is strangely different to deleting something.

Anyway, was just a thought that occurred to me.

Happy Father’s Day Dad. Love you…

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  1. Oof!

  2. Remember the good times. I like thinking about my dad at Fathers Day. It’s been12 years he’s been gone too. My calendar and address book are full of many who have passed. Life is a blink of an eye. Cherish it and live it fearlessly and with abandon.

  3. I lost my dad when I was a young teen, and using some technology I later turned into the date calculator at I observed both the day I was twice as old as I was when he died ( ) and then when I was as old as he had ever been.

    I wonder what he would have made of some of the the technology and connection possibilities we have now. I don’t think he was much of a gadget guy… and I know stuff like Ebay undercut the market for some things he thought might be worth something to the right collector some day (i.e. McDondalds Happy Meal toys and paraphernalia ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    But, I’ve had a long time to get over that loss, and your wound is still very fresh…

  4. I can relate. Although I removed the reminders, after a few years, I still remember. Especially on Mother’s and Father’s Days.

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