If I had to charge my phone every 3 days, I would run out of power

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My Apple Watch Series 2 offers decent battery life to the point that I can get 2.5 days of use from one charge which is better than I ever expected. The obvious advantage is that I don’t ever have to worry about getting through a day no matter what I am putting it through and it takes it one step closer to being a normal watch without any of the extra things you normally have to do to manage a smart watch.

However, 3 times over the past 2 weeks I have forgot to charge it on the second day and thus I struggle to get through the next day.

I live in a time where daily charging is seen as normal and because it is so frequent it is something I never forget on my iPhone, but it seems that lengthening that gap by only 1 day is enough for my mind to forget to the point that usage is hindered.

I have never run out of power on my iPhone despite the less than stellar battery performance and just maybe it is an advantage that a human needs to remember to do such things.

Until we reach a time where we never have to worry, I suspect that it will take us many months to get used to a new regime if Apple and the rest manager to seriously increase battery performance for the masses.

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  1. Seems like it would be easier to keep a daily charging regimen and then enjoy the extra battery on the days you forget? Agree that tracking an irregular schedule isn’t worth it.

  2. Change the schedule to charging it on alternate days. How did you do it when phone batteries used to last for days on end? Or a PDA?

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